School Personnel Suicide Prevention Training

This ConnectTM Program training includes interactive case scenarios and protocols for recognizing and responding to youth and young adults at risk for suicide in a school setting. School personnel are well positioned to notice changes in behaviors, attitudes, academic performance and social interactions which may signal symptoms of depression, substance use, and suicide risk.

Utilizing a holistic, Social-Ecological model, the Connect Program examines suicide within the context of the individual, family, community, and society.  A designated National Best Practice Program, Connect has delivered suicide prevention and postvention training in 40+ states and internationally for more than 20 years.
Please note that this version of the training is presented in English. Click here if you are interested in the Spanish version.

School Personnel


Self-Paced Online Course


4 Hours


$ 29

The Connect Suicide Prevention & Intervention Training increases the capacity of professionals and communities to prevent suicide across the lifespan.

Learn How YOU Can Prevent Suicide.

  • Nationally recognized - The Connect Program is recognized as a comprehensive model for planning and implementing suicide prevention and postvention practices, as described in the Action Alliance Paper:  Key Elements for the Implementation of Comprehensive Community-Based Suicide Prevention
  • Public Health Approach - A public health, socio-ecological approach that looks at the individual, family, community and society. While a suicide is the act of an individual, it occurs in the context of and impacts that person’s relationships, community, and the larger society and culture.
  • More than "just training" - Connect helps you understand how systems work and how to collaborate across systems to create an integrated community response.

Actionable Training

Connect provides trainings that address YOUR role in suicide prevention, and how to work with individuals in other disciplines to help save lives.

Continuing Education

Upon successfully completing the training, you may be eligible to receive continuing education credits. Credit types offered vary by training and may not be available in all areas.

Resource Information

Learn how to help prevent suicide in YOUR community and get resources that can be shared with others.